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Getting started online & working at home for yourself can be a really lonely thing.  The majority of profit making schemes are simply there to take your cash.  Most people who start out online end up broke within months because the really valuable help they need is almost non-existent! 
It isn’t easy taking the leap of faith that’s needed in yourself to risk your time & cash as an investment in yourself when times are hard.  You really need that extra cash for you & your family.  We know exactly how that feels.  Venturing into the unknown & having to trust people claiming to want to help you is a daunting task.
So many of the people we have helped have stood where you stand right now.  We helped them with real assistance; mentoring them.  We know from direct experience that when anyone starts their own online business the help they get MUST work!  The training & support given at Global Homeworkers Club is the real deal.  We will guide you & mentor you when you need it the most with the guidance & help you’ll need from experts who have helped 100s of online businesses over the years.
We will be busy working with you to show you how to do the things you’ll need to be successful.  From the very beginnings of your journey, through each part of your journey we will walk alongside you, watching over your shoulder to ensure your success.
When you want to start an online business you need training that focuses on your business & you.  That is what we do.  We offer individual training, one to one, so you’ll receive targeted training from us, geared to your needs, not just to the generic needs of the masses.  
Never again do you need to be at the mercy of those who simply take your cash and abandon you to learn everything yourself.  Our training works for you.  We know it works for all of your online business needs because we’ve been doing this for decades.  When you receive training from Global Homeworkers Club you aare mentored by experts with decades of real experience, not just 5 minutes as with some companies. 
So many fail because it’s too late to learn to fly once you’ve hit the ground.  We never allow that to happen because we always say …


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Hi.  I’m Jed, also known as ‘The Adventure Guy’.  I’d like to welcome you to the home of expert training for newcomers to online marketing.  Here at Global Homeworkers Club it all begins with you & your needs so join us & we’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a successfull online marketer.

Jedediah Bennett

The Adventure Guy



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Branding Training

Whether it's personal branding or product branding we've got your B.A.C.K.S - Brand recognition, Audience growth, increased Connections, improved Knowledge & more Sales!

WordPress Training

From complete newcomer to blogging to expert WordPress technician - NEWCOMER, INTERMEDIARY & ADVANCED. Our PROfessional trainers will guide you along each and every step of the way!

Website development

OWant us to make you a website like this?
Our website design specialists are here to create your stunning websites for you from $100 - contact us for details.

Affiliate Training

The world of affilate marketing is a minefield. Our affiliate marketing training will equip you with everything you'll need to know to become a successful affiliate!!

Social Media Training

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. Where-ever you want to promote your brands or webites our social media training gets you noticed and connected!


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We are a team of PROfessional online marketers who’ve been creating blogs/vlogs & eStores since the internet began.  We’ve combined our talents to help you to bring your dreams to life.

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We aim to provide you with the highest quality & most effective blogging, branding & online marketing training to be found anywhere online.  Join with us so that together we will reach the stars.