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Hello everyone.  My name is Caroline Kish & I am always at home because I’m disabled. 
I live in Brighton, England with my hubby Andre Kish, who is webmaster and technical consultant here at Global Homeworkers Club. 
I have Asperger’s syndrome.  It’s cool because it’s no bar to doing stuff online in my own way.   Because I specialise in blogging for folk who are disabled like me I aslo act as Disabilities Consultant at Global Homeworkers Club.

My blgging and vlogging experience stretches back since my hubby and I were married way back in 1993.


Over the decades I’ve created and run several different blogs, vlogs and also several WordPress WooCommerce eShops where I promote and sell products relating to my lifestyle and hobbies as an Amazon Associate.


You won’t catch me on video, just profile image, during our Global Homeworkers Club training videos due my the nature of my disability which also leaves me extremely shy.


But I am there offering any support & disabilities advice I can so that everyone – including us disabled folk – can work online from home.

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