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Jedediah Bennett

“The Adventure Guy”

EPIC Entrepreneurial Program

Caroline Kish

“Lady Art”

Escape With Ethel

Shop With Ethel

Anthony Saltarelli


Branding Mastery SECRETS

Global Homeworkers Club using Zoom

Andre Kish


Webmaster &  Site Technician.

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Marketing & WordPress Guru

Lynne Sharp Norris

WordPress & eStore Guru

This Could Be You!!

“Lady Motivator” Required!!

Our Crew's Mission In Life...Helping YOU!!

Cash is always tight.  We make sure our training & all of our sites will work before we pass that knowledge on to you. We are research-led, and our human-centred approach means that we work with our students & help them create sites that work in the real world.


People always come far above profit & recognition.  We use the online space as a force for good & we always use technology to help build a better world. 


Whether you’re a complete newcomer to the online marketing life, or perhaps a small community group reaching out to a wider audience, we’ll help you with your websites, your branding & above all – we’ll show you how to help & teach others what you know. 


Whatever it is you want to do online, we’ll help you make it happen using the full power of what is now possible on the internet.


We are all FAMILY & we are here to help you!!