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Global Homeworkers Club eCommerce Platforms POWER Seller Course

This is a multi-part ongoing eCommerce Platforms POWER Seller course created to help you find & use the BEST ONLINE selling platforms where visitors go with WALLETS READY OPEN

In  this ongoing course our seasoned PROfessional Mentors will guide & teach you what you need to know to get your website, eShop, products & services seen by potentially millions of visitors on selling platforms.

Each lesson on this course has been designed to run alongside our Global Homeworkers Club mentorship so that we know you understand the minimum requirements to create your site & give it the completely PROfessional approach.

This course covers 8 mentored lessons of 30 minutes each LIVE alongside our mentors – you will never be left confused & alone.

The course has been designed by our PROfessional trainers to ensure that all Global Homeworkers Club team members have at least a minimal understanding of how powerful branding can be.

Personal branding & personal branding are the two vital components needed for every PROfessional website.  In this course you’ll learn just what they are & the wisdom of using them both wisely.


Course Benefits:

  • Discover where the best selling platform with millions of visitors daily can be found
  • Discover how to make perfect & OUTSTANDING ads on selling platforms
  • Discover the most powerful secrets BRANDED Advertising & the Ninja POWER secrets used by most successful online marketers to get their brand noticed
  • Discover the POWER of taking buyers from advertising platforms to your eShop or website – (works ideally with eCommerce sites you own or wish to set up
  • Discover how to advertise your products/services on selling platforms used by millions


Learning Outcome:

Once you’ve completed this course you’ll be ready to create your & place your own adverts for your own products/services before sales ready audiences.





Hiya, folks. My name is Andre Kish, from Brighton, England. I started working in the business systems tech industries and commercial sales support back in the early 1980s working with systems tech companies & software publishing companies, designing systems, networks, applications software and even assisting with the installation of digital telephone exchanges here in the UK. It's great to know we helped develop the business software used by major commercial companies & assisted with the installation of the networked exchanges that drive the internet today. Due to family disabilities, since 1993 I’ve been working from home helping newcomers to online marketing with website design & personal branding training to help us ALL to REACH THE STARS. We aim to provided you with the very best free branding & website design training available anywhere online. But done in an unserious way, using humour you'll never forget, so you never forget what you learn!! Join us TODAY & discover how well we've got your startup training needs covered. If you want to work from home - we'll help with your Brand, your Audience, your Connections, your Knowledge & your Sites ...because WE'VE got your B.A.C.K.S.